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"Voice Of The GheTTo" (2014)

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A2une_Voice Of The Ghetto (Lyrics)
A2une_Voice Of The Ghetto (Lyrics)



This is voice of the ghetto oh (oooh oooh)
Ghetto oh (oooh oooh)

People are keeping on dying
We keep diminishing slowly
And there is nowhere for us to go to
So shall will living in the ghetto
The sunlight is getting darkling
The ocean is getting drying
These banana are getting damage ooh
They said is growing
Is God will aid us through
In this life of getting darken
What they should do to make it right
They refuse to do it and is bad
But either they do good or bad
We have to survive in this ghetto oh
Ooooooh year

It is voice of the ghetto oh (oooh oooh)
Ghetto oh (oooh oooh)
It is voice of the ghetto oh (oooh oooh)
Ghetto oh (oooh ooh)

Our lass and lad are distructing
And they don't wanna care about it
They think life is all about sorrow
So they forget to think of tomorrow
Child abuse happen all over
Even nothing for adult to come over
Youth copper serve with no order
Hiv/Aids is spreading
Ebola virus has take place
Teenage and women have engaged
War is taken place everyday
Is it life is gonna be to an ended
We shall look for way forward
Towards our holiday
Let's fight against corruption
For them to know

It is voice of the ghetto oh (oooh oooh)
Ghetto oh (oooh oooh)
It is voice of the ghetto oh (oooh oooh)
Ghetto oh (oooh ooh)

Change is what we need oh
(oooh oooh)
In the ghetto oh
(oooh oooh)
Change is all we need oh
(oooh oooh)
In the ghetto oh
(oooh ooh)

It is voice of the ghetto oh (oooh oooh)
Ghetto oh (oooh oooh)
It is voice of the ghetto oh (oooh oooh)
Ghetto oh (oooh ooh)

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