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"Stranger" (2011)

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Ladies and gentlemen it's boring old me again
The kid who talks the Christ, not the cars and not ice
The brother who programmed your GPS to turn right
To your destination, paradise, your home eternal life
Sorry to disappoint you, for I wasn't called to
Speak about the things the mainstream already told you
Too bad, that sad, but truthfully, you should be glad
It's substance y'all, that's of truth and not a fad
When you're in the fast lane, you're playing in your last game
God don't want YOU to suffer in these very last days
Just because he didn't answer your prayers
Doesn't really mean you have to be so quick to forsake Him
Get with the program, his software is just right for your system
There is no shame if you love the Lord brothers and sisters
Listen, there is freedom run away from bondage
Satan is the enemy! I'll crush Him; I'm on it

But I'm not alone with God, we'll beat the storm
His Holy Words? Never absurd Yeah, beyond the norm
No halfway stepping, no lukewarm
New life, new sound, your new tone
With the words he spoke out to the masses
Some refused and rejected! They just had it
They believed the words he spoke were flabbergasted
Therefore they didn't want to blend in that fashion
What is up with them? They're not winning man
They don't want the salvation? Oh! they're running man
The way the enemy works? Yeah, it's cunning man
You better escape the death before it gets you
To eternal doom don't wanna see you lose
Don't be uptight, just dance, get loose for His mercy and goodness
And you will be blessed eternally with His goodness

It's weird to those who've never heard of this
For the intention of this song was not to murk it
Not to impress someone, nor to get noticed
Only to profess God's love and He does shows it
Love is in your household, love is in your workplace
But we let the enemy to take God's workplace
You can never praise the Lord if it's your wa
You rather stay and do it like B.K. Have it your way
Well, I'm going and remember what I told you
The end is coming be prepared, and it's so true
A week later, she got saved and that's so cool
You bet! That's the way the Holy Spirit moves smooth
Did you receive His grace today? That's so cool
That's the way the Holy Spirit moves you
Did you receive a miracle? So cool, and that's reality.God moves you!

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