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"Skit" (2009) on the album The Last(2009).

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Aventura Skit (The Last)
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Aventura-Audition (Skit)
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Aventura - Audition skit


[phone ringing]

hello? who's this?
jejeje...is this johny marine?
yes it is.
je.how you doin?
im doin good, im doin good...
who am i speakin to?
je...don't worry about that..
who's this?
jejeje, shut up!
shut up? i don't get this.
you're callin my phone but you're tellin me to shut up?
im sorry.
sorry bout what? who's this?
im just playin with you. you kno me.
im not here to play any games my friend. who's this?
we're from the same hood.
dat's right.
from the hood? where,what?
you're aventura's manager, right?
yes i am.
uhh..i like dat...
hehehehe...you like, how you like that,what you mean?
i like, not them, not gay..
im not gay,i mean i like their music.
how i may help you.who's this man?
yeah.i got some questions...
ok.go ahead.
yeah.hold on. im thinkin about them.
you callin me, you got questions, but you don't remember them?
why you so rude?
im not, im not even bein r...
que te pasa gato?
you callin me a cat?
no, not cat...you kno...
you're not from the hood?
im from the hood, yeah. ok.
but, how may i help you?
yeah,but im just tellin you cat, you kno.like cat,cat..
cat? oh, ok, ok...
yeah, tranquilo pescadito.
pes...that's what i mean...
first you're callin me a cat and now a fish?
no,no. but cat is just from the hood.
pescadito is cuz you look like one.
alright, listen, listen.
you're callin me for what?, be clear.
but why u so rude?
who gave you my numba?
yeah, you wanna kno right?
i don't understand, you got nothing better to do?
you wanna kno who gave me you numba.
who gave you my numba?
unbelievable, i haven't heard that in years..
if you're gonna countinue playin games...
i got some questions.
go ahead...
why are these guys gonna retire?
who's retireing?
nobody is retireing, where you got that from?
don't trick me!
no,nobody is even. alright, listen.
they're not retireing, im not trynna trick you.
what's this with the las?
you mean the name of the album?
yeah, pendejo!
pen,hahaha. you lucky im a nice guy, pendejo, alright.
tell me!
tell you what?
why are they retireing, the last!?!
nobody is retireing.
why the album is called the last?
is called the last for several reasons, but nobody is retireing, that''s all you need to kno.
give me the reasons!
why i have to give you. first of all...who gave you my numba?
but i wanna kno!
listen, i don't have time for this...
[hang up]
[phone ringing]
oh, my God, again?
porque me colgaste!
i didn't hang up on you
yes you did!
no i didn't!...what do you want?
or was it the service, right?
psh...what do you want?!
i got that problem. what service you got?
um, listen, forget about what service i got.
what do you want?
what? now you're callin me a duck?
no, i said it again...gato!
gato,gato, ok.
yeah, cat, in spanish...
alright, but listen, listen, honestly speaking with you, i dont' have time for games.
ok, so let me ask you a question.
you've been askin me a question for how long now!
why you didn't put my favorite song in the album?
favorite song? you don't even kno what songs are on the album.
check it out..."yo sintundirme..tun tun"
hahahaha. that's not a song playa...
wow,wow, i mean..
that's my shit!
it was a tribute, but it's not our song.
why is not on the album?
it's not a song playa, we don't...
you a hater!
you callin my phone and you're calling me a hater?
yeah, cuz you're not giving me information. then you're lying!
first of all..(away from me) who gave you my numba?
(you don't kno me) im from the hood!
yeah,yeah, ok. we from the hood.
what hood you from
don't worry!
i have to worry, you callin my phone.
well, i'll have to get the manager.
i mean honestly, im thinking now and im like. dedido...i don't kno.
why you're laughing...because you're lying!
[hang up]

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