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"Mr Burton" (2006)

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Amateur Transplants
Amateur Transplants
Mr Burton
Mr Burton
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ
All the Trimmings (part 1), by Amateur Transplants
All the Trimmings (part 1), by Amateur Transplants


Here's my long case
Behind the curtain.
It's Mr Burton.
He's 64.

He has chest pain,
Crushing in nature.
It radiates to
His arm and jaw.

This pains been getting worse since Wednesday
And GTN spray
Has helped a bit.
He does not know what is the cause here.
And he's had nausea
Along with it.

He's had no illnesses of note,
Except for polyps in his throat,
He's on no medication and he's got no allergies.

He has no relevant family history
Except a sister he
Thinks had a stroke.

He lives alone.
He's an accountant.
He drinks small amounts and
He doesn't smoke.

The student doesn't realise
That what I told him was all lies,
But when the doctor asks me questions
I will tell the truth.

You said I'm on
No medication.
That information
Is not quite true.

I take three types
Of diarrhoetic.
I'm diabetic,
Epileptic too.

I've got one lung,
I've got a stoma,
Hodgkins Lymphoma,
Hepatitis B,

There's my MS,
There's my anaemia,
And my leukaemia,
And my HIV.

You stupid cunt!
You lying cunt!
You stupid lying fucking cunt!
You lied to me you stupid sweaty ugly fucking cunt!

I've had a sex
Change, I've got haemorrhoids,
I'm taking steroids,
Oral and inhaled,

I cannot see,
I've got paralysis,
I'm on dialysis,
And I think you failed.

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