Lil Girl

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"Lil Girl" (2004) on the album The Hard Way(2004).
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check dis lil girl out.she too cute


Lil' girl from the ghetto ran away from home
Tryin' to be a fucking woman acting way too grown
Then she ran across the border homie, 24-inch chromes
Now she walking down the track and stripping
With them brand new high heels on

She too young for me so I passed her to the next dude
Got hood fame, what a shame what X' do
Hang with a crew that love getting revenue
With a description of 1972

Now who's the mack in the 'Lac leaning to the side
24's gleaming, sitting up high?
Ride and won't die but you young bitch
Spit words so fly, get you sprung, bitch

Young Slick, his name, chasing Don Juan fame
Trying to replace him with modern day game
We don't hate then shoot if you mess with his prostitute
And what I hear, he got a lot to shoot

Now what if dude get your crew Slick got one too?
Don't let the pimpin' fool you, he got hot ones too
Blew his brains out now he catching chain out to Chino's
Slick got caught up fucking with a young dogg

My nigga Slick was a gangbang motherfucking lunatic
Nigga out to get a grip, sworn in to do this shit
Nigga only do this shit and make this shit official
A little bitty nigga quick to hit you with the pistol

Ain't no motherfuckers squabbin' me and that's on 20s
Plenty niggaz felt the wrath of his deuce-deuce gun blast
Ask Cuz on the corner with the bullet holes his chest blast
Dumb-dumb don't want come test

'Cuz he'll lay you to rest, tattooed with a set on his neck
Demanding respect, Crip or die, is how he ride
Long Beach, East Side roll in two times
Every nigga on the yard know Cuz' rep

A straight gangsta for life and I love that
It's not just a job fool it's a lifestyle
And when you're slipping, woo-wam-lights-out

Lil' boy from the ghetto with you're greased up khaki's on
Used to be a ball player, homie what the fuck went wrong?
Used to see him on the corner daily hand up on his throne
Tried to knock him off a bank recently, 25 to life, so long, he gone

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