Just b'cause you Care

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"Just b'cause you Care" (2015)

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Kendrick Lamar - Real (Lyrics)
Kendrick Lamar - Real (Lyrics)


You say that you want me
And I say that I love you so
You say that you need me
And I say I miss you though

Love comes from those
Who take a chance
Love falls upon those
Who value romance

If you say what you mean
And it comes from the heart
There are no second chances
That will break us apart
If you mean what you say
And I feel it too
Let us give love one more try
Let us see this through

You say that you love me
And I say its true
You say that you need me
And I say I want you too
Let me give love one more try
And take a risk on trust

Let us take a chance at romance
Unaware of what becomes of us

Its all you do
Its all you say
Its your good looks
Why I feel this way

B'cause I care