It’s A Little Too Late

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"It’s A Little Too Late" (2007)
It was written by Springer, Roger Kent / Chesnutt, Mark / Morrissette, Slugger.
Published by Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc..


(Mark Chesnutt, Roger Springer, Slugger Morrissette)

Weel, earll this morning it dawned on me
the kind of man she needed me to be
she made a list and laid it there beside me on the bed
now what I should-a done keeps running through my head

Oh I should-a done this and I should-a done that
I should-a been there then she'd-a never left
I should-a been hangin' on every word she ever had to say
but it's a little too late she's a little too gone
she's a little too right I'm a little too wrong
now would be a good time to change
but it's a little too late

Last night I came home at a quarter til three
and to my suprise she wasn't mad at me
I thought she fin'lly realized not to worry I'd be home
and then I realized this morning she was gone

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