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"Into The Wild" (2013)

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Into the Wild
Into the Wild
Top Tracks - Abominable Slowmen
Top Tracks - Abominable Slowmen
Top Tracks - Abominable Slowmen
Top Tracks - Abominable Slowmen
Abominable Slowmen - Topic
Abominable Slowmen - Topic
Bone Wagon
Bone Wagon
I Know I Saw That Freakin' Girl (Explode)
I Know I Saw That Freakin' Girl (Explode)
YTP:A peice of green clay gets rekt
YTP:A peice of green clay gets rekt


On a dark and dusty road
The wind kicks up sleet and snow
And Frank takes one more step away from home

As the day began to dim
A dark stranger approaches him
"Can I cook you a meal, you look so thin"

She said, "Beware of this filthy fen
Danger lurks 'round every bend
But we'll be safe once we reach my home"

All she was was a witch in the rye
Sucking life from the passers-by
With a wink and a smile and sharpened teeth

On your knees, between trees
In the dark, on your knees
In the dark, between trees
Into the wild, into the wild
My mouth won't make a sound because my face is on the ground

In a dank and dimly lit room
The witch brews up a tasty stew
And Frank takes one more sip away from home

Frank pulls from a flask of wine
Unaware of the witch's design
And soon the sordid spell begins to take hold

And he drank and he drank and he drank
What have you got yourself into Frank?
Why can't you see how this is going to end?

Vision blurred and all askew
He bumps the witch right into the stew
And passes out so warm so safe the end

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