I'm Skinny, So what?

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"I'm Skinny, So what?" (2014)


[Intro: 1SB]
ah ah ah Amazing how we do it,
It doesn't matter what yo' gender is,
If you're Skinny, Or you like skinny peep's, Just Turn up for this.
[Hook: 1SB]
I'm Skinny, So what?
Don't F** with me I enjoy it, (x3)
If You Don't Like It Turn Yo' back
Mind Yo' Business
I'm Skinny, So What?
Said I'm Skinny.
[Verse1: 1SB]
I am not Breezy,
Skinny n**ga I'm not Flexy,
Turn music up like in Taxi,
Shoppin' bags, I shop Ladies,
I actually like girls with titties
and her back that got me feelin' so Lack,
You don't like skinny n**ga I put yo' self on Attack,
We'd be chillin' all along for you it's hard to Unpack,
I'm skinny by nature but I'm naughty by Girls,
I'm skinny, So what?
Perfect pictures, We got
Got 'em ladies, Be like
"Hey Girls Take A Look, See That Yellow Hot Skinny Dude?"
Stylish like a Fashion,
girls wanna be with, No tell what I am 'cause you know I eat Pedigree, deamn I got a History,
I am Yellow handsome God deamn it Girl I'm gifted

[Back To Hook] (x1)
[Verse2: Tybee]
I'm skinny so fresh body thicker to bone,
Got the swagg full of flash can't fit on my zone,
I'm Cruel, Can't see that I'm grown?,
Ladies call me handsome, I'mma king on my thrown,
I'm a bad boy, So thin no big,
'Got the stomach full of pack no B.I.G,
You're little Notorious, D.I.E,
I'mma 'be on that front sit, V.I.P,
said I'm Skinny? (Skinny)
You don't know these things,
I'be gatin' parties while you want to slimm,
You are dreamy, A Shooting star can't dig,
I'll be on the A.A, Can't play on my league,
am I get alil' drunk and act alittle funny,
If The party can't stop, act little drousy,
If you see any cop, put that on my Greesle,
'cause I'm S.O.B, Skinny On my Body
[Back To Hook] (x1)
[Outro: 1SB]
Yeah,(1SB), T.HOOD Business,(Tybee),
I See You are right there at Home (Sing with Me)
...........So What?
............So What
(Untill the song fades out)

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