Gutter 2 The Fancy Ish

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"Gutter 2 The Fancy Ish" (2006) on the album Up Close & Personal.
It was written by Martinez, Angie / Wright, Gary / Smith, Trevor.
Published by Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC.

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Thies 24
Thies 24


Busta Rhymes and Angie Martinez
Sippin on martinis
Check it out now, check it out now, c'mon, c'mon

Now let's take it from the gutter to the fancy shit, c'mon
Make you really wanna do the nasty shit, c'mon
Bounce all night and wave ya hands and shit
Everytime we come through, me and my mans and shit

Let me get my girls, drink a couple grand and shit
Angie, I love the way we form a plan and shit, c'mon
You know we got 'em lovin how we movin 'em crazy
How we put it down you love the way we doin it baby

Yo, lemme talk, shit, prepare for the worst
Oops spit on a verse, she call me like she got the gat in the purse
Niggaz need to rehearse, you
Lay you on a stretcher like you caught a heart attack in the church
Reverse in the hearse, another body bring me the nurse
Make you react first
Shoot the sound of my bounce, so when you hear my gat burst
Ask me, we floss fancy, me and Angie
Take shit beyond where niggaz really can't see
Flow freakin yo' music together like we nasty
When you pass the L baby, make sure you never pass me
Do whatever we stack cheddar the smart way
Blaze treets and speed down the Pulaski Parkway
In and out of them lanes, you know we whippin all day
Checkin the passenger seat, pettin my baby sharpei, woof
Loyal like Kemosabe, haters could never really harm me
I rep for my niggaz, you rep for Puerto Rico mami

Listen up, nigga get on the bus, ride with us
Most high we trust, other than that
Everybody suspect, don't bother come test
Funk Flex blastin with it, I'm masterin it
Linda Carter of the rap game
With gold bangles on my wrists, latin chicks on the map mayn
Man the game plan's arrangin
A house on the hills of the main-land, get on board
Step inside, arrest my eyes, I don't sleep
Confess sometimes I roll deep
Underestimating mine is to not know me
I, analyze, every situation
And I rise to any occasion
And I, stays in, do me mode then I'm
Runnin the streets, in do me clothes with a
Sweatsuit and a fresh pair of sneakers
In the Benz Coupe, smokin weed or Cohibas

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