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"Gateway" (2011)

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Look, I'm not amazing; No, I'm not the greatest
For those who think I'm losing it, is best assured to hate it
Well, I'm not with all the hatred let's balance with the basics
We focus too much on ourselves; is something that we crave in
I'm here to keep it real with you and never here it fake it
So, Keep your precious stones intact don't let the devil take it
What will be your solitude? Who will be your guidance
You know the truth is prevalent so you don't have to hide it
Man! All we need is patience but some dislike the waiting
Considering the spaceship? I'm considering to take it
Well this is the safe way, away from the destruction
I have blueprints for instruction, let's make something out of nothing
Welcome to the heyday, saying goodbye to the playmates
Avoid from screaming mayday keep your eyes upon the gateway
So long! Hey

And the enemy is closing in
He'll do whatever just whatever just to gain a win
A win of my soul, a win of my whole
A win of the fold, a win of this world
Oh! That's cold yo, not good Joe
Let's pray folks this is a heavy load
My people, set your eyes upon the Lord
Then in God's sight, our heavy burdens will float
To the place of where He is seated
And will bless you cause you believed Him
From out of your heart, the seed is planted
And please don't take life for granted
You've been searching asking for atonement
When you're stressed out, depressed alone then
He will lift you, soothe you, relieve you
Look upon the gates and he will see you
See you for the last time I have crossed that line
I have shared a piece of me carelessness forced me to leave
And it's so sad! The memories we had
All done went flat to the bottom of the class
So, welcome to the heyday saying goodbye to the playmates
Avoid from screaming mayday keep your eyes upon the gateway
So Long! Hey

To the go-getters: never, ever fear
Tell negativity: get up from outta here
To the believers: keep believing
To the seekers: keep seeking
Seek and you shall find savor your precious time
Skate across the line don't coast, just grind
Yeah, and I'm giving you my final thought
Like Springer a message to those who are lost
We're no longer lost, because we have been found
If you only hear the timbre of His Holy sound
Once you hear it, please receive it
And from this day forth, don't stop believing
Welcome to the heyday saying goodbye to the playmates
Avoid from screaming mayday I'm already on the gateway
I'm shooting for the moon I won't be coming back soon
But before I leave I want to say God loves you; I promise you!

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