Chazad-Dum Pt. 2 (Silent Caverns)

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"Chazad-Dum Pt. 2 (Silent Caverns)" (2007)

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Battlelore - Khazad-Dûm Pt.2
Battlelore - Khazad-Dûm Pt.2


Finally free from the chains of the ages
The terror of ancient times
Disregard the divine sentence
Will of Valar disobeyed

Silent caverns, great kingdom of stone
Long ago, fulfilled with life
Many ages for the honoured Mahal
Now defiled by Morgoth's tribe

Shadowed flames shall breath again
The fire of vengeance, the death infernal

Too greedy and weak, too deep they are heading
Aule's people the folk of the stone
Reaching something, the forgotten keep
Chamber of the cursed demon
Call of Mithil charmed their hammers
The vain of silver turned red by blood
The hidden prison beneath the earth
Their doom, Great Balrog released
Dwarven warhearts fought with their fury
Against this creature of hate
Two dead kings and thousands of men
Slain by the fiery blade

Soon it's over,the dwarfs defeated
The silence of the carverns stand still
Orcs took the command of the caves and depths
The darklord has reached his will

Centuries went by and Sauron made a mistake
The murder of Thor, dwarven king
The revenge they swear, there's no other way
Let the storms of war rise again
The demon rages in the dungeons of Moria
Still a few went back to those caves
They didn't survive, orcs breed again
Hiding from the light of the day

All was silent under the stone
Until the heroes arrived
Demon was slain by the wizard of grey
Mithrandir one of the Maiar

The last battle was fought
There were kingdoms no more
No heirs to demand their throne
One great halls by the children of Aule
Still standing and never shall fall

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